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The Most Effective Home Massage Therapy You Can Get

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Rated #1 By Athletes

The Hydra Gun is the #1 Deep Tissue Massage tool used by athletes worldwide. Reducing pain and getting you back in the action!


Why Our Customers LOVE The Hydra Therapy

Had a homemade rig for a while, but decided on an upgrade. Well worth the investment as this thing is about half the weight of my homemade massager. 

Kenny K

Comes with quite the selection of massage heads and the battery is removable. The best part about it is that it is super light, meaning my arms won't get sore from massaging myself in other areas. 

Robin W

I use them mostly on my calves and quads, but other areas like pecs and even abs should work out. Using things like this and the electric pulse machines do help drastically on recovery in my opinion.

Anthony P

This beast of a machine is capable of going deep tissue and breaking my knots down. 

Duncan J

I love this product! Nothing gets deep into your tissues like this thing does, I am amazed of the build Quality, and the relief.

Nicki B

I've been having sciatica pain shooting down my leg for years, and finally using this massage gun along with professional massage healed my pain to a bare minimum. 

Ashley P